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What The Critics Are Saying

“In the spirit of writers like Jennifer Traig and Augusten Burroughs, Jen Epstein writes about her experiences living with anxiety and OCD with humor and heart. Whether she’s obsessing over rabid bats in Costa Rica or facing herself in dressing room mirrors, Epstein reminds us that worry is the disease of and for our troubled times. If you’ve ever wondered just what’s in your drinking water, if you’ve ever
endured the dubious joys of life’s zip-line while waiting for it to snap, you’ll find a friend in Jen Epstein.”


—Lori Jakiela, author of Portrait of the Artist as a Bingo Worker and Belief is its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe

“Jen Epstein’s Don’t Get Too Excited: It’s Just About a Pair of Shoes and Other LamentsFrom My Life is a colorful, fun ride through Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,something that is not generally characterized as such. This book made me laugh andrevel in it’s relatability the way I snuggle into a down comforter on a cold night. Irecommend for anyone who needs to laugh in the face of the things about themselves
they find most torturous. Read this and walk away a thousand pounds lighter.”


—Hannah Boone, Obsessive Compulsive Stand Up Comedian and member of sketch group The Pepperoni Zone

"Jen brings an unfiltered appeal to her stories, which resonate with readers as they delve into her collection of essays, regularly identifying with Jen’s experiences as they ravenously consume her wonderful stories."

—John Busbee, The Culture Buzz

What The Readers Are Saying

OCD is a minute by minute struggle

"Don't Get Too Excited" brings you into the daily struggles, hardships, and victories of one struggling with OCD and other conditions that may be related to this illness. There is humor, sadness, and adventure in these stories that always make you root for Jen as she shares her path from childhood to today as a working adult. You get to know Jen in this book as if she is sitting in the room sharing these stories herself in person with you. A great read. You won't be disappointed and will be cheering for Jen in the end! 


BG-NY  November 28th, 2018

A great no-holds-barred story!

It's just about having the guts to spill it all out for the world to see! Jen describes what could be a sad but true story in a way that makes you appreciate her ability to see the humor in any situation ... even the most excruciatingly awkward. A brave yet tender memoir.


Pat T - November 28th, 2018

Well Done

A wonderful and beautifully written book about the struggles and joys of facing emotional challenges and coming out on top. Would make a great sit com


Lucky - December 2, 2018


What a ride! A wonderful and honest writer, Jen Epstein takes us with never-failing courage on the downs and ups of life as a brilliant, obsessive, endlessly curious woman. Highly recommend this book!


Patricia Lee Lewis - January 17, 2019

An Honest And Funny Look At Life With OCD

To read this book is to get to know and love Jen Epstein! “Don’t Get Too Excited’ is a brave, witty and incredibly funny look at Jen’s daily struggles with OCD. Jen takes the reader into her own life and into the lives of many who struggle with the same challenges every day. She opens a window for all of us to look in, to see and to understand the realities of OCD though the filter of fierce intelligence and sense of humor. At the end the main takeaway is what Jen does not have to write down with words; this is a story of a woman who learned to face her biggest challenges, journeyed through the pitfalls of apartment changes and the questionable hygiene of public laundry facilities of New York City, marched through an actual rain forest with a terrifying array of bugs, diseases and all around scary things, meanwhile maintaining a successful professional, personal and academic life. Jen is truly inspiring and her book is a must read to all!

Donald S Martone - February 7, 2019


This book will make you laugh and make more room in your heart. The author's daily struggles are relatable and genuine. Don't Get Too Excited helped me find triumph in my shortcomings and adventure in the routine. If you are looking for a page-turner that will make you smile, this is it. The author challenges you with a bold and unapologetic cynicism, that will have the odd & unexpected effect of wrapping you in a warm hug of self-acceptance and peace.


Anonymous - February 23, 2019

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